The best website about El Yunque

The best Web site about El Yunque I would like to take this moment to recommend a web site that is "chock full" of information about the El Yunque rainforest of Puerto Rico. This web site is more important for planing your Puerto Rico vacation than eating dark chocolate is for your health. It is constantly updated and has sections on the bio-bay (both the one in Fajardo and the one in Vieques) as well as snorkling, hang-gliding, out on the island driving tours and many other activities.

It is and go ahead, leave my blog and go directly there. You will find the web site and the links to the information are laid out exactly the way a tourist visitor would want it. And it doesn't stop at just El Yunque (what are you doing still here? -- go check it out) there is extensive information about travel in Puerto Rico. Places to stay (like that cool Rainforest Inn place) things to do, restaurants, travel advice, etc.

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