Although we love to brand ourselves as secluded and private, the Rainforest Inn is actually just a short drive from many delicious restaurants serving a large variety of cuisines. From artisan eateries to local grunge spots, there are so many great places to try for lunch and dinner! Below, we detail some of our personal favorites, though it is certainly not an exhaustive list. (So, if you find a spot you love, let us know because we will be sure to add it!)


We might just be Peccas’ biggest fans…

We might just be Peccas’ biggest fans…

  • Mi Vida Cafe & Burger ($, ~20 minutes away from Inn) - Amazing (veggie) burgers. Yummy fresh-squeezed orange juice. Probably our favorite spot for a casual, quick bite.

  • Peccas Helados Artesanales ($, ~20 min) - In English, “Freckles Artisanal Ice Cream”! Located directly next to Mi Vida, this is where we stop for dessert after our veggie burger…if we don’t make the drive for the ice cream alone! They make all ice cream, waffle cones, and crepes on site, as well as delicious coffee. The alcoholic ice cream is downright incredible, and very unique! Bill cannot get enough of the Whiskey Coco flavor, but there is something for everyone. An added bonus? Free public parking across the street!

  • Ekelekua ($$, ~10 min) - Italian fusion. We love their salmon with pesto penne. Guests of Rainforest Inn get a free drink! (Be sure to check the hours they’re open, as it’s best to go Thursday thru Sunday.)

  • Lluvia Deli Bar & Artefacto ($-$$, ~20 min) - Coffee house and cafe-style foods open for breakfast and lunch. Located on the same strip as Peccas and Mi Vida.

  • Don Pepe ($$, ~20 min) - Puerto Rican food with a family atmosphere.

  • W Sushi Bar ($$, ~20 min) - Fantastic sushi, open for lunch and dinner. Also has a full bar.

  • Richie’s Restaurant ($$, ~20 min) - Go here for an elevated view and the drinks.

  • Degree 18 Juice Bar ($, ~20) - Vegan!!


Ceviche Hut, one of our favorites, in the long line of Luquillo kioskos.

Ceviche Hut, one of our favorites, in the long line of Luquillo kioskos.

Kioskos are roadside food stalls famous throughout Puerto Rico. They are essentially stationary food trucks with seating, serving a range of cuisines can find quick eats and lavish meal

We are about 25 minutes from 60 Luquillo kioskos, located on the north side of Route 3, near Luquillo Beach and just past the Route 191 entrance to El Yunque. Hours and days vary, but from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on most days, you'll be able to find at least a few kioskos open.

Here’s some of the one’s we’ve tried and returned to:

  • Ceviche Hut ($$) - Peruvian cuisine. Google Maps lists them as #38, but their Facebook page says #42. Just keep an eye out for the sign! Since everything is right in a row, you will be able to find it, we promise!

  • La Parrilla ($$) - Fresh seafood and Puerto Rico cuisine! Nice view.

  • Terruño ($$) - Artisan food with Puerto Rican flair.

  • Revolution Pizza Shop - “Best pizza on the island. Period.” - Us and many others.

  • Tattoo Tavern #17 ($$) - Rather than a tattoo parlor, this is a tavern with live music and great drink specials. They also serve food. Happy Hour all night on Wednesdays. (Their website mentions that they’ve recently changed ownership, and we still dig it!)

  • Ely’s Place #10 - “Sports Bar and Grill” serving great Latin food.


  • Boardrider’s Surf and Bar ($$, ~30 min) - On the beach! Great spot for brunch on the weekends. Open 7 days a week with indoor and outdoor seating, and a full bar.

  • Lolita’s ($, ~30 min) - Superb Mexican cuisine (probably the best on the island)!

  • The Brass Cactus ($$, ~30 min) - Little bit of everything, and all of it is good.

Before or after your meal at the kioskos, pop over to Luquillo Beach for some R&R.

Before or after your meal at the kioskos, pop over to Luquillo Beach for some R&R.