Living in the rainforest while building a bed & breakfast

Subtitle: And while also renting out to guests.

I want this blog to be interesting but I'm operating under a lot of constraints. The biggest one is who might be reading this? There's a chance my wife Laurie might read this, especially since I depend on her editing skills and suggestions. So the pathos and ennui and character development which comes from hearing about relationship struggles will have to be left out (sorry, I hope you keep reading). Then there is my friends and family. Some of them might read this (although probably not all the way through) so I can't talk about the stuff (or link to it) that I learned reading someone's myspace blog (which sucks because we would both increase our hits with a cross-promotion and I want to increase my readership and they have to let more people find out about all that personal stuff someday). And the friends who might read this preclude lots of other interesting stories (especially when they are about friends or relatives or guests). It is just impossible to put any gossip at all in one of these blogs...

Am I using too many parentheses? Are asking rhetorical questions, which I will never answer later in this dialogue bad grammatically? Sure sounds weird. I warned about my grammer in the blurb I wrote about myself. This shouldn't really be a new paragraph either because I am still trying to hammer out what I can write about.

The other constraint, and a fairly important one, is the potential guests who might read this blog and since that is one of the purposes of this blog (all the earlier mentioned constraints stop this blog from being one of those cool get-your-suicidal-thoughts-out-there blogs) this could be a real showstopper if I let it. Most of the guests we have had have been fairly literate. In fact they run toward scientists, doctors and educators. Which means that two-thirds of my guests are literate. So I have to be careful what I say about the Rainforest Inn, about Puerto Rico, about El Yunque, about politics, religion, shit what am I going to talk about?

1. Cool things to do in Puerto Rico?

No, already do that with the podcast Laurie and I do.

2. What it is like rennovating a family home to make it into a bed in breakfast?

Ok, I will go into some of that. Today I am building shelves in our laundry room. The laundry room is in the same building as the villa. It is in one corner off the breezeway. September is our slowest month. In fact there are two weeks in September when we have no guests at all. Since we can't do any work while guests are here (guests that might be reading this please look the other way) then we have to work madly when they're not here. That is why sometimes when we're dining with guests enjoying my wife's gourmet breakfasts and talking about things to do while staying at the rainforest inn I usually suggest things to do that involve not being here relaxing and reading a book, or lazing in one of our hammocks, or bird-watching from the back porch. Instead I suggest going on a hike far far into the rainforest so that we can pound a few nails without disturbing anyone. Now I better get back to installing those shelves.