We are gradually trying to make our place more sustainable. We built a large fish pond with a filtration tank that grows watercress. Our construction is from recycled materials and our energy use is as minimal as possible. We collect some of our own water (fairly easy in the rainforest). We recycle and compost our wastes. Hospitality industry interns who are looking for a sustainable eco-friendly hotel to train in will find interning at the rainforest inn exactly what they are looking for.

Watch video for more information:

We are a working bed and breakfast and are continually making structural or garden improvements. You will also be doing some domestic chores as you would expect on a bed and breakfast. Interning here for the hotel or hospitality industry will allow you to learn all phases of the hotel industry. Our interns learn about housekeeping, preparation of gourmet breakfasts and serving the guests. Also you will help with the promotion of the bed and breakfast for our websites and social media. 

We are also constantly improving our bed and breakfast and doing everything we can to make it more "green" and to be sustainable in the local environment. Our latest project is to build a greenhouse with aquaponics growing tables for the tomatoes, lettuce, kale etc that we can't grow on our land because the rainfall is too great. We grow pineapples (in special raised beds over french drains), bananas of all kinds, papayas, and fruit trees like grapefruits, breadfruit, palma rosa.  Another one of our goals is to be completely off-the-grid with solar panels and large storage batteries. 

We prefer our interns to stay about three months. 

You will need (along with the letter from your college or university): 
1. Proof of Round-trip ticket
2. Proof of Health insurance that works in Puerto Rico or travel insurance. 
3. Commit to three month stay. 
4. Copy of travel photo ID (like passport) 
5. Must have no criminal record
6. non-smoker
7. References from previous volunteer and/or jobs (or from your professor). 

Please inform us in advance if you have any health problems especially if it is something which would be a health issue when preparing food for guests. All hotel interns must be presentable, clean and wear appropriate attire as they would if they were working in any other service establishment where paying guests are around.

The following video is another production from one of our interns. Amazingly this is the first video Céléna has ever produced.