Rainforest Inn Origins

It's hard to imagine that just a decade ago the only redeeming qualities of the Rainforest Inn were the view of the ocean off the back of the property, the bare shell of an estate that two hurricanes left in their wake, and the marvelous El Yunque rainforest jungle that surrounds the old property.

It's amazing the things a persistent vision and a little elbow grease can do--The Jungle suite before and after

Originally, the property was developed by Bill’s uncle, David Humphrey. More than sixty-five years ago, he came to Puerto Rico and was charmed by the little brook that ran through the property, and the spectacular views of the blue Caribbean sea below. Through the years, he lived in serenity here, blazing the Lost Machete trail to the Espiritu Santo waterfall, and bequeathing the five acre property to his daughter. Eventually the property was sold outside the family.

In 1989, only the main house survived the two-hundred-mile-an-hour devastation of Hurricane Hugo's winds, but that was erased soon enough by Georges, a Category-4 that struck in 1998. The once-sparkling property was subsequently abandoned. In 2003, we saw the place for the first time. Met by overgrowth, bare concrete, and structures stripped to their foundations, we were overcome by what could only be described as a sincere fool’s hope. 

We Hope that we've built something truly special up here, something to be cherished for years to come

Bill had always dreamed of living in the rainforest, and the two of them decided to make the place livable again. Not only that, Rene quickly realized the then-ravaged property had the potential to become something even more than an estate home. They decided to build a romantic hideaway nestled in the Rainforest, hoping to one day share the natural majesty of the place with the world. Merging their talents, Bill used his woodworking skills to make all the necessary repairs, and subsequent enhancements, and Rene utilized all that she knew from years in the hospitality industry to make the place the effortlessly aesthetic bed and breakfast it is today. The dream soon became reality, and the rest is history. In their spare time, Bill and René enjoy hiking bicycling, horseback riding, and sailing in the Caribbean. 

They also have been making podcasts about Puerto Rico for many years and now are producing some videos.