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The Rainforest Inn

Elegant, secluded, and hidden deep in the jungle, The Rainforest Inn offers a romantic getaway for nature lovers, foodies, and explorers alike. Perched on the Northern edge of the El Yunque National Forest, at our rustic "boutique style" bed and breakfast you can experience a taste of luxury just footsteps from one of the most arresting natural sites in the United States.

Our Villa beyond some blooming Frangipani plants.

Despite its exotic location, here at the Rainforest Inn we offer our guests every luxury they could ask for; between the finest of linens and the antique furniture and cabinets, the spacious showers, bathrooms, and bedrooms, the only difference between here and the last resort you may have stayed at will be the personal service the owner's offer (if asked), and the small number of guests.

Though you'll probably feel like you're a thousand miles from civilization once you're here, in just ten minutes time you could find your toes in the sands of popular Luquillo beach (and in a little more time walking the streets of historic Old San Juan).

After grabbing dinner at one the numerous local restaurants, return to the Inn and relax. Lie down, and let the coqui's song soothe your mind as you slip into sleep. The next morning, make yourself a coffee or tea in your villa, and lay back in your hammock and watch the sun rise over the Caribbean sea below as you wait for the delectable vegetarian breakfast being prepared just yards away. Let nature ravish you as you journey through the undergrowth of the mysterious El Yunque to the top of the Espiritu Santo waterfall on our private Lost Machete hike. After a day sunning and picnicking on the centuries-old stones atop your private waterfall, swimming in the cool natural pool, that afternoon allow our private masseuse to take you to the peak of relaxation in our peaceful yoga room. 

Innkeeper Rene, and our little silky Gracie relaxing after a long day.

Enjoy a professional massage a dozen yards from the rainforest, and within earshot of our favorite rainforest amphibian, the song-singing coqui.

Enjoy a professional massage a dozen yards from the rainforest, and within earshot of our favorite rainforest amphibian, the song-singing coqui.

During your stay, be sure to catch the sweeping panoramas of both the caribbean, and the rainforest alike. Spot the peerless variety of tropical birds around the property, and delight in the abundant leaping anoles. We’re extremely proud of what we’ve built here, (especially considering where we started), however, we really want your stay to be highlighted by the timeless natural beauty that encompasses our property. We are devoted to keeping El Yunque exactly the way it is, that’s why we are passionate about making the Rainforest Inn as sustainable as it can be.

Whatever you're looking for, be it plush pillows and a charming room, or maybe a place that cares as much about this planet as you do, or perhaps adventure's in your blood, and you'd like to escape into nature, ultimately, if you're just looking for a unique, relaxing, and beautiful place to spend your next vacation, let us be your hosts and we'll show a side of Puerto Rico that only a few people ever get to see.