Breakfast Time

While we often think that people come to the Rainforest Inn for the exotic location, or the experience of nature, or just as an escape from ordinary life, we have to believe that one of the things our guests appreciate most about our Inn is the breakfast we serve every morning. Lulled to sleep by the sound of rain and the coqui frogs, what could be better than a hot, fresh, healthy, and undeniably scrumptious meal waiting for you the next day, just footsteps from your door?

Vegetarian breakfast is served every morning in this shady outdoor room, what we call the Breezeway. To the immediate left you'll find the door to the Villa.

Need some coffee to get your day started? there is coffee and tea in your room. at breakfast we’d be happy to make you whatever you’d like using rich, select, locally grown coffees in our private espresso station - a CAPPUCCINO, a cafe con latte, an americano, or a cafe con panna. if you'd like tea instead, we have a number of herbal and Artisan teas on hand that we would be delighted to prepare for you in a flash.

Our classically-prepared Eggs Florentine with bistro-style seasoned potatoes and a strawberry rose.

We know that you only have so much time on the island, and while a part of you will probably just want to relax on the property, we would hope our daily vegetarian breakfasts will fill you up with the good stuff you’ll need for the day ahead, be it surfing at Luquillo beach, or tackling our semi-challenging Lost Machete hike. We offer one boutique breakfast item daily, but if your tastes are on a different wavelength, or if you have allergies, are vegan, gluten-free, or otherwise we’d be happy to afford you perhaps a less lavish, but still delicious alternative. 

    If you’d like something sweet, our Guava and Cream Cheese-stuffed Pan de Sabao might be a can’t miss (see recipe below). If you’re into something a little more classic, we do a delicious Eggs Florentine (pictured above) with creamy ricotta cheese, luscious hollandaise, and crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside roasted potatoes. Whatever your tastes, I can assure you that between the fresh papaya, banana and ginger smoothy, our tropical Sunday mimosas, or our Homemade Chocolate Waffles with a Mocha Syrup, there’s a bite of food or a sip of something wonderful waiting for you here at the Rainforest Inn. Perhaps a bite that'll just make you come back and visit us again.


We will have many more examples of our recipes soon – but it is very hard to get René to part with some of her secret recipes.

"pan de sabao" is a local sweet fresh baked bread that is available in all Puerto Rican bakeries. You could substitute French bread.

  • 8 Slices of a good "pan de sabao"
  • 4 eggs (Farm Fresh are best)
  • 1/4 cup half & half cream
  • dash of nutmeg
  • dash of cinnamon
  • Mix the eggs and cream and spices all together well - Should be nice and fluffy.

Served on the new "poolside" veranda


  • 1 package of cream cheese
  • 1 package pasta de guava

Slice the "pan de sabao" into 1&1/2 inch slices. Slit down the middle without parting the bread completely. Heat the pasta de guava in the microwave for a few seconds until it is soft and spreadable. Spread one teaspoon of pasta de guava inside the split slice of bread along with one teaspoon of cream cheese. 

Beat the eggs, half & half, cinnamon and nutmeg together. Dip the filled slices of bread into mixture on each side being careful not to get the egg mixture inside the filling. Let stand for fifteen minutes. Then grill on a hot plate coated with butter. It's important to use butter for browning the bread. Cook until brown but don't overcook. 

Serve with genuine maple syrup. Top with powdered sugar. Serve with fresh tropical fruit and home fries (another secret recipe -- hint includes René's special herbs de Provence blend).